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with a majority of organic, biodynamic, or natural wines.
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We are an experienced team

Iberia Wines is the sum total of the synergies and know-how of two successfully projects: a small winery and a company specialized in trading and export. Our aim is to offer genuine Spanish wines from small producers that do not get the chance to reach international markets giving the best services and commercial support to our partners.

We care about the wine, not the quantities.

No more buying full pallets
from each winery or storing wine for months.


Improve your position with our services

Giving customized support to our partners and finding integral solutions is an essential pillar of our business. Our aim is to add value to our partners, not only offering an exclusive portfolio but also giving support flexibility and loyalty.

Smart Select

Cut costs and
expand your portfolio.

We’ll help you easily configure and make changes to your wine portfolio and adjust orders to your stock and demand.

Custom Wines

Create your
own wine.

We’ll find the wine you’re looking for to create and develop your own brand.

Flex Pay

your competitiveness.

With our Flex Pay payment system you can improve your cash flow and your competitiveness.

Iberian Marketing

your sales.

We cooperate with our partners to grow by building commercial synergies and developing joint marketing campaigns.

Combine wines and wineries ‘a la carte’ in one order.

With no minimum order, our distributors can customise their orders by selecting one box of wine per reference number.


A different
sight oh the
wine market.

The human team leading Iberia Wines has years of experience in the international production and marketing of wine. We have been making high quality wine for years on our family estate in the north of the Alicante province. We love and respect our local area which is why we focus on unique, honest wines, unearthing traditional wine-making methods where the one keeping time is nature herself.  We understand wine and its world as our entire lifestyle

We seek long-lasting relationships to work together

Offer your customers our exclusive products securely and independently.


Let’s lay the path
to success together

For years we have developed personal and commercial relationships with wineries from different regions of Spain. We know and have access to wines with big personalities that express the depth and diversity of Spain. That makes it easier for us to offer our partners a wide range of wines with different characteristics and price points.

Despite the diversity of our wines, our entire portfolio has one characteristic in common. We work with wine growers that respect the land and share our values of fairness and sustainability. We offer wines that go straight to the heart. More than just quality wines, they’re a philosophy, a lifestyle, a world view.

Select wines from our wide and diverse portfolio

Our portfolio has near 80 wines from 20 different wineries that represent the diversity of Spanish wines. Thus, you will find a selection of wines from the sharpness and freshness of the Atlantic to the warmth and robustness of the Mediterranean.

With an eye on sustainability, most of our wines are biological, biodynamic or natural. We cooperate with natural winemakers from well-known areas such as DOC Rioja or DO Rias Baixas. Therefore, you will find in our portfolio the most known Spanish grapes such as Tempranillo, Albariño, Verdejo or Monastrell.

However, we appreciate the value of unknown and local grapes, and that’s why you will also find a selection wines made of fantastic grapes that remain dormant such as Bobal, Zalema, Malvasía de Sitges or Albillo Real.

You will find not only reds and whites but also a selection of Cavas, pet-nat, rosé or orange wines. Contact us if you wish to receive our full portfolio and pricelist.


Do you want to know more about our portfolio? Do not hesitate to contact us!


We work with you and define
our goals together

Iberia Wines works hand in hand with our partners. We know that to reach our goals we have to work together every step of the way, making the most efficient decisions and putting realistic solutions on that table. With our process we guarantee each project is coordinated and managed transparently.


First contact (we would like to visit you)


Exploring your needs
and finding common synergies.


Presentation of our portfolio
and wine tasting.


Product Launch for wines selected.


Commercial and operational support.


Ongoing review and adaptation
of your portfolio according to your needs.



At Iberia Wines we believe in the projects we work on and we love for our partners to learn more about them. We love to get visits from our partners and are proud to show them the different wine growing areas and wineries and producers we work with.

With our Smart Select system it’s easy to change and adapt your portfolio with no extra cost or paperwork. You can adapt your order to your stock and demand.

We focus on sustainability and the environment so many of our wines are certified organic. With or without certification, Iberia Wines only works with projects that share our values of sustainability and fairness.

At Iberia Wines we’re prepared to reach any country in the world. We work with a wide range of Western and Eastern European countries. We also work with the Americas and Asia. And we have solid relationships with partners from the world over.

Our experience and expertise has meant we have specialized in still and sparkling wines. Our portfolio is made up of red and white wines, rosés and cavas.  We are also more than willing to offer our customers other types of wines with very specific characteristics. Tell us more and we’ll find just what you’re looking for.

Our partner has to be the one to decide what kind of marketing campaign best adapts to their market and their target customer. We’ll offer you all our resources to run different campaigns: fairs, promotions, trade missions, advertising in specialized media, etc.

We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and global trends, so at Iberia Wines we only look for projects and wines that touch our hearts, that have enough personality for us to really want to sell them. We know, understand, and enjoy all the wines in our portfolio. That’s the only way we can convey their true essence to our potential customers.

Of course! The team leading Iberia Wines has been making and selling wines for many years in over 20 countries, from old Europe to Asia and through the Americas and Australia.

We'd love to hear from you.

If you have a question or want more information, please send us a message.
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